GlaxoSmithKline fly the flag for net zero as key partner at UN Climate Change Conference

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Building on their company target to be carbon net zero and nature net positive by 2030, GSK announced their partnership with COP26 earlier today. 

As the COP26 Principal Partner for the pharmaceutical sector, GSK will drive action on climate, nature and health targets in support of COP26 ambitions and plan to initiate new partnerships to better understand the impact of climate change and nature loss on health. The company’s new global environmental sustainability targets were announced in November 2020 and alongside the delivery of global climate and nature targets, the partnership provides an important opportunity to inspire action in other organisations across the globe.

GSK Chief Executive, Emma Walmsley, said: “As a global science-based healthcare company, we want to play our part in helping protect and restore the planet’s health, in order to protect and improve people’s health. We know that taking actions to do so will make our business more resilient and support growth in the long term. We strongly believe that COP26 must accelerate global actions and collaborations to protect climate, nature and health and we are delighted to support the UK government with their ambitions for a successful COP26.”

Environmental sustainability is an important part of GSK’s focused approach to environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) to support the long-term delivery of sustainable business growth, reduced risk and increased social impact.

Another fantastic example to the engineers or tomorrow from one of our attending companies. 

Source: GSK