Success for GSK at the Global Good Awards

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There was recent success at the Global Good Awards for GlaxoSmithKline when they were awarded the Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Gold Award. The awards celebrates companies that consistently drive positive change for their employees, the planet or use their profits for good.

Why were GSK shortlisted?

GSK were shortlisted for the award after they implemented an ambitious, inclusive and innovative health and wellbeing strategy to encourage their staff to improve their health and wellbeing. This was aimed at all 95,000 employees across a huge 96 countries.

Part of this strategy includes a world-first ‘Partnership for Prevention’ programme, which provides healthcare provision for every employee and their dependents – from vaccinations to cancer screenings and treatment – workshops to encourage positive behavioural change like increasing energy and resilience, and technology to offer a personalised health and wellbeing experience.

Perhaps the key to GSK’s success has been the company’s commitment and the passion of its health and wellbeing champions to engage, inspire and mobilise employees across the globe to encourage and adopt life-changing habits.

We’re thrilled that a company so integral to the Bring It On event has been recognised for their fantastic work. Their wellbeing initiatives will have been most valuable after the global events of the last couple of years when promoting and protecting wellbeing has been more important than ever.