Emission Possible or Impossible?

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Northumbrian Water have set themselves an ambitious deadline – by 2027 they hope to achieve Net Zero. But with this date not so far in the future how are they doing?

Their story so far

In 2009, the company pledged to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2020. Through incredible effort, they have been able to achieve that target a year early! Between 2008 and 2020, they were able to reduce their carbon emissions from 303,000 tonnes to just 56,000 tonnes.

Which initiatives are they using to get there?

  • Northumbrian Water are the first, and currently the only, water company to use 100% of its sewage to generate sustainable energy.
  • Since 2008, they’ve increased their fleet of hydroelectric generators. They’ve also found ways to utilise solar and wind energy.
  • All 1,886 of their sites are already powered by green electricity
  • They have begun to incorporate electric powered vehicles into their fleet.

What’s next?

Although they’ve already made some incredible steps and, in turn, have seen some astounding results, they know that they can’t stop and evaluating and improving their natural gas and fossil fuel reductions, transition their transport to green energy where possible, use renewables in their processes and continue to innovate alongside all of these measures. 

It’s inspiring and hopeful to see such a big name in our homes leading the way to achieve Net Zero.