Net Zero Teesside: The UK’s First Decarbonised Industrial Cluster

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With the negative effects that high-carbon businesses are having on the environment, there has been a plan put in place by the government in order to combat this and get to a net-zero state by 2050. Net Zero  is carbon neutrality. It is helping eliminate carbon emissions from society or balancing the levels of emission. In Teesside, they have initiated a project called the Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), which aims to reduce and eliminate the group of high carbon businesses as early as 2030.

When businesses pollute the environment with a high amount of carbon, the carbon is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming and pollution. By reducing this, it not only helps protect the ozone layer, but it also helps improve air quality and in turn benefits human health massively. As previously mentioned above, the UK Government has stated that they want to achieve Net Zero by 2050, therefore CCUS is an extremely important project that will help achieve this goal and help decarbonate many industries and elover the UK’s first zero-carbon industrial cluster.

Recently, the CCUS at Teesside has been awarded with more than £52million in funding to help accelerate this project and help eliminate the issue at hand quicker. Not only is this a great aspect for the environment, it is also a great aspect socio-culturally. It is estimated that it could create 5,500 direct jobs during its construction and add £450million to the economy each year. Not to mention, the project also has some amazing partnerships, who are helping support and develop this life-changing project – one of which was one of the amazing companies that we worked with Bring It On NE last year, Suez!